Xcom Enemy Unknown


I pre-ordered XCOM only to find when it was released it was unplayable in Wine… It would constantly crash one it started loading a mission. I resigned myself for it to be another Kingdoms of Amalur (which wasn't working for the entire month I had it installed); this brought bug 31794; which is exactly 
what I had - fortunately this got fixed with Wine 1.5.16 that was released only a few days after XCOM.

After messing around for an hour or so, I still couldn't get it to work - looking on the appdb, it appears a clean copy of PhysX was needed, much light Mirror's Edge. After installing PyshX, everything was peachy and it now runs really well.

There are still a few crashes every now and then and the game needs to be started a few times afterwards to get it going again, but minor annoyances really.

So, as promised, here's a video of it running on Linux. I also managed to get sound working as well (via recording my microphone) so at least you can hear most of what's going on, even if it's not the best quality.

Oh and I had to record in a window because fullscreen caused recordmydesktop to segfault… No idea why, but I think I will do it for all future videos now - just to be safe (and to prove it's running on Linux).