Wargame European Escalation On Linux


Wargame: European Escalation is a game I brought some time ago through Steam -- I remember installing it and playing it through Wine for about an hour. Unfortunately, that was all that happened with it for me for a very long time. It's a difficult game to get into and the difficulty is pretty steep and at the 
time this just put me off.

So Wargame runs off the Ruse engine which does a great job of given detail from zoomed all the way out, in a tactical map view, to up close and personal. I'm usually more at home zoomed in, but I think that's part of the problem with why I'm less than good at the game -- however, the graphical quality of the 
game is great, textures and models are well designed and are surprisingly good at not feeling "everythings brown or grey" like a lot of other current gen games.

It turns out as well, that (at least one of) the developers use Linux as the primary OS for development, and the game was actually "ported" over to Windows. But now the game is available to the rest of us penguins, directly through Steam, and I made a quick video of the second mission (which is the start of 
the difficulty ramp really) which you can see below.

Just a couple of notes about the video:

The sound starts to trail ahead of the video about half way through -- it wasn't serve, maybe half a second or so by the end of the video, I did my best to compensate for it, but unfortunately it's still present.

Also, as the game is very directional sound focused and I record sound through my mic, I had to move my speakers over so you can hear most of what's going on. This also appears to have had the affect of causing the anti air guns to be quite loud compared to the rest of the video.

I will be continuing Half Life over the next few days and as my Counter Strike video was so popular, I may end up doing a few more of those.

I'm also hoping to do another scripting post this week, so stay tuned for that.