Teleglitch And Site Updates


Okay, so despite what I said before, I haven't posted an update for a while...

Anyway, I've made a few changes to the way the site works and comments have been renabled finally (it looks like the spam commentors are now having real issues even trying to post) and now the login page / admin pages both require SSL, this is a self signed certificate for the moment, but I will be going 
back to using again shortly. I'm using which offer free certificates, but their CA bundle is not included in all browsers - so you may want to add their authority key here:

Also, a new game that is actually surprisingly fun - Teleglitch, it's a fast paced top down rouge like sci-fi shooter, available on Desura for a reasonable £7.99 ( )

Here's a quick look at what it's all about (and yes, sorry the video was posted on Youtube 4 days ago).