Steam Linux Client


The Steam Linux BETA came out a few days ago and, like a lot of people (some 59,000 of them), I didn't get in. I was very much willing to forget about it for the next couple of months, however after reading the Phoronix forums for the first time in a long time, I stumbled across a way of getting the Linux 
BETA client working without actually being in the closed BETA.

If you just run “steam” or “” you'll be able to login, but will then get a message saying you're not in the BETA and the program will close.

The simple trick is just call it from “steam steam://open/games” - that's it. The error doesn't appear and you can proceed to install games and play them!

A good thing to note is that Steam is already available in the AUR (though it needs a lot of dependencies unfortunately and they are all 32 bit).

Here's a quick video demonstrating the client working; you can see me trying to install a game that currently doesn't have a Linux binary and also running a game that does (and showing the overlay working perfectly).

I'll be doing some more videos soon (Serious Sam 3: BFE and Killing Floor especially).