Source Engine Ports Continue


Just a quick post to show two new Source engine games running on Linux, Day of Defeat: Source and Half-life 2: Deathmatch are both running really well!

Day of Defeat (GoldSrc) is also out in BETA on the Steam Linux client.

I had a good bit of fun with both games, though I started off terribly with Day of Defeat: Source; like TF2, it was a game I'd not really played much of (I was only ever really into Counter-Strike: Source for multiplayer), but once I'd gotten used to it I got better quickly (not to any professional standard of 

The HL2:DM game was absolutely amazing, from what I could tell, most (if not all) the people on the server were Linux gamers. Throwing crates and barrels around to kill people is still a pretty novel idea for a multiplayer game -- it's just a shame that it's not so popular any more.

In similar news, 10,000,000 is also now available on Linux and you can pick up a copy from here:

The last bit of news is that my Half-Life play through is coming to an end (I've actually finished recording) and you can check out parts 9 and 10 here: