I feel like such an idiot...

So, for the past… I don't know, three months? I've been recording videos of my desktop (as I'm sure you know), but each of my videos have been 10-15 minutes long at most. Sometimes, they just… end. And this is because Every time I was encoding the videos it would crash out after it had done 
10-15 minutes.

So I finally decided to look into what the issue was and it was because my /tmp folder was full when I was recording. At a rate of about 1MB/s. Now, I use an SSD partition on /tmp but because it's shared on a 60GB SSD I only have 12GB avaliable for /tmp. SO I decided to shove an old(er) disk drive in my 
computer (a WD Caviar Black 640GB) and use the entire thing for /tmp.

Sure it's not anywhere near the 500~ MB/s transfer speeds I was getting, but it's a much more reliable way of recording video that will give me up to 36 hours of continual 1920×1200 recording - I might just have to wait a bit longer for the encoding.

Good times - expect more videos from me from now on.