Quick Git Update


Just a quick update to say, I've removed a couple of repos on my github page -- my dotfiles were next to useless as I have such a minimal setup, and also ashlib was removed and the IP routing code was shifted over to bashlib.

This was mainly due to my new router having a lot of flash memory than my previous one so I was able to install bash quite happily on it (which works so much better!).

Outside the IP routing function, I hadn't touched ashlib and it was a waste of effort to have two project for essentially the same thing.

I'm sure if someone is interested, they can strip out the code or make a fork and port more of bashlib over to ash / busybox -- but it's not for me (having a much reduced set of inbuilt functions makes me dislike it over bash).

Anyway, I'm keeping the rest of the projects for now, though my xcom mod may be removed as I haven't played that game for several months now.