Portal And Left 4 Dead Linux Ports


I'm getting worse at keeping posts up to date with my video releases -- I'm  getting a bit wrapped up in getting the videos out.

However, I've decided to schedule videos better and with the timely release of Portal (only the firs tone for now) and Left 4 Dead (2), I thought these should both be part of my new schedule.

I had also started to play Mass Effect (and record it), so that will also be on the rota as well.

I will now be releasing a new Mass Effect (all 3 games in chronological order) every Friday at 18:00 -- these will mostly be between 1 and 2 hours long, because I want to complete defined sections in each video.

Then, on a Saturday at 18:00, I will release a Portal video -- these are about 25 minutes each. As the game is so short, there will only be a couple of videos on this, however I hope Portal 2 comes out in fairly good time, so as not to leave it too long.

And finally, I will be releasing a Left 4 Dead video every Sunday at 18:00. These will be a chapter each and will be between 30 minutes to an hour.

I also plan on doing a play through of Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (as they have recently gained an open source Linux port) -- which will likely come out on a weekday, perhaps a Monday (and they will be done chronologically as well). 

I have a few other games I want to try out (and potentially do a plythrough as well), and those will fill in any other free days. I need to make sure I don't get ahead of myself though (which is part of the reason I've recorded several episodes for each of the current series).

Anyway, without any more delay, here are the new playlists: