Ngte Pyestock Exploration


To move away from the normal posts today - I want to talk about doing a bit of “urban exploring” (aka. running around abandoned sites taking photos).

So yesterday, I ended up going to the NGTE facility, Pyestock - we started the day off by getting up before 6 AM and driving down to Farnborough. We did a bit of a scout around the roads for a decent place to park up, but ended up a few miles away in a service station (with a decent sized car park).

We walked down the main road as quickly as possible and made our way over some woodland towards the south side of the facility. As we had made pretty much no preparations, we had no tools and had to rely on the fact someone else had been there.

Fortunately they had, there was a small hole in the outer chicken wire fence, we clambered through it and had a look nearby for a hole in the inside fence - someone had obviously used this point due to the large green container on the corner that covered both holes pretty nicely.

We made our way through the second fence which required bending up to make a hatch.

Once in, the size of the facility hit almost immediately - we spent about 5 hours wandering around the place, and only ended up inside 4 of the major buildings. I've uploaded a good portion of the photos I took; note these images are all pretty big, in both dimensions and file size (all 1920×1280 and 
between 1MB and 2MB reduced to a quarter of what they were originally).

One of the guys I was with made a decent post on the 28DL forums here.

Edit 2014/04/25: Finally got the images back up here -- they aren't the same size (I pulled them off Facebook) as they were, but they still show you what it was like.

Edit 2014/10/23: Fixed again -- check them out here: -- I've hard coded them this time so they stay up.