Nginx Server


Been quiet recently, mainly because I've been doing a load of odds and sods.

However, I've finally decided to give nginx ago and so far so good.

Been debating for a while whether to continue using FCGI etc, and decided that I will eventually stop using it. So I'll be going for an ultra lightweight nginx setup once I've migrated this site (and one other) over to my new js-spg system.

Serenity has been great fun to develop, and although I've not really touched it for some time, I learned a lot that has allowed me to make much more complicated and "real" bash scripts.

It's also been pretty helpful with getting me started with C and back in to PHP.

So, instead I'll be using my "indev" js-spg system, which will be 100% HTML/CSS/JS. Inspired by things like Jekyll, where you use an external application to "bake" your site and then public completely flat files.

Currently, it's far less than basic, but it does the job for me; I will be working on this for some time (hopefully) and for now, I'll use it for all my sites.

As it stands the two sites which still rely on FCGI scripts will be proxied to Apache (if you use Wapalyzer or similar, you'll see it in the applications list), so nothing there will change for now -- I need to work on porting this site over to the new format (which is mostly going to be manual) and restarting my second project. So to Serenity, I say "So long, and thanks for all the source".