New Video Recording Tools


So, I'm pretty much sick of how recordmydesktop can't keep up with games - especially 3D intensive games - at a higher FPS than 15 and using some form of FPS lock on the game itself.

I've got some more games I want to record, but the video glitches out (dropped frames being the main one) and the audio ends up out of sync after a few minutes.

However, I've found there are a few lower level recorders available (well, 2 from what I can see) and on a few tests, they seem to work rather well.

I still have an issue with sound not being recorded through ALSA on the same device that I'm playing the game on, but I will continue to try and get it to work.

For now though, I've made a quick script to record both the video and audio and put them into a format Openshot can read:

#!/bin/bash gameExe=$1 killall arecord echo "Recording..." arecord --device=hw:2,0 -f DAT audio.dat & glc-capture -sn --disable-audio --out=video.glc $gameExe killall arecord echo "Encoding..." glc-play video.glc -y 1 -o - | mencoder -demuxer y4m - -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=8000 -o video.avi rm -f video.glc echo "Recording created! Woo!" exit 0
I then just run “gamerec ./GAME” and it does the rest for me. It also outputs a very nicely compressed avi as well which I wasn't expecting when reviewing the quality. The “killall arecord” lines are just because I'm unsure how else to terminate it when it doesn't have focus - I probably should look into that, but it works. The audio does seem to have varying lengths sometimes (it's usually 2 or 3 milliseconds longer / shorter than the video), but at least I have it on a separate track and I can cut, move and generally edit where it is - yay! As usual, I'm not responsible if this deletes your root directory or anything crazy.