New Site


I've finally moved over to the new site, after well over a year of just leaving both sites hanging around.

With the move comes a few changes to the very simple code backend. I'm still using the same principal I did back in 2012 (I really didn't feel like rewriting the whole thing from scratch), but I've made some big strides to get it more optimised.

One of the changes includes hopefully Twitter / Facebook preview cards, though I'm not sure I really care about all the extra details but it should work.

I'm also working on adding a "repo" like interface so I can move my code over from GitHub to be hosted just here (I don't see the Microsoft buyout as affecting anyone, I'd rather be safe).

The RSS feed should also work properly again now... not sure how long that was broken for... Whoops.

For anyone interested, Crypto wallet info is in the footer.

Also, I will be putting more scripts up in the near future.