New Projects


I've been doing quite a lot of behind the scenes stuff at work recently, but I've also had a bit of time to do some more C coding.

Derezz came out quite nicely; it basically acts like a kill command, except it will try SIGTERM first and if that doesn't work it will try a SIGKILL. The process is quite heavily logged in /var/log/derezzed.log (you can also override this location from the command line).

My main idea for this was that it logs what user and what process did the kill; that way you can get a much better idea of why a process was terminated. My intention is to use it if a process needs killing in a bash script, then I can see what script, and what user was run at that time and if the kill command was successful.

I was also trying a few things out and "copy" was the result. I know it's kind of C programming 101, but I hadn't previously tried something that could copy (bit by bit) a binary blob file and still work.

This also led me to add the "projects" section to the main page which contains only a handful of things for now (the ones I think are actually worth something).

Also, I'm finally running Nginx 1.6.0 thanks to them updating their stable branch version.