Lots Of New Linux Game Videos


Over the weekend I've been busy getting a few game videos done and I was pretty successful to that end. I didn't really want to just release them on YouTube without some kind of accompanying entry here, but I didn't really feel they were individually enough to warrant a separate entry each.

So instead, I'll do them all in one. That's right, 6 game videos instead of 1 or 2. I've included a few notes for each of the game videos, that you may take as a very brief review of my experience with the game.

As usual, I did a few more videos for my Half-Life Let's Play series. I'm more than half way through now, with only 7 levels to go (likely to be 5-6 videos more) Here's episode 7 and then 8.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
This game has been on my radar for ages now, and along with Penumbra, I've barely touched it. I decided that as it was on my Steam list I would install it and at least play it for 45-50 minutes. I vaguely remember a few of the intro bits, but I've played so little of it in the past, this is pretty much a first 
look for me.

Can't fault the gameplay, it's surprisingly good at keeping you paranoid, even if you are a veteran of horror films like myself. Graphically, it's nothing *amazing* but it is still very pretty to look at.

The Cave
This one was recently released and I've seen a few gameplay videos around Youtube -- while Double Fine don't port all their games, Psychonaughts was ported and their upcoming Double Fine Adventure will be ported, I figured they deserve some credit for making this cross platform.

Gameplay in this is nothing particularly innovative, but the decent aesthetics, amusing story and multiple choices of characters make for a pretty interesting platformer / point and click hybrid.

The Book of Unwritten Tales
This one was not something I'd ever heard of until the Steam BETA was out (this was among the first games to be available on Linux), but this is a very credible point and click adventure that does a good job of bringing back memories of listening to a crap tonne of dialogue (voice acted surprisingly well to 
boot) and getting stuck very quickly.

The out of game cutscenes are less than fantastic, but the actual gameplay is solid.

Guns of Icarus Online
I'm pretty disappointed with how the port plays on this one at the moment. I get some pretty terrible performance on a decent machine (emulating Skyrim in Wine runs better somehow). Also, a lot of sound either appears to be missing or completely underwhelming, I get a lot of lock ups (you'll see in my 27 
minute video that I get 3 of them) where I have to defocus to get the game moving again.

Also, there appears to be a lot of server issues with waiting around, timers not working, map votes not working etc etc. I don't know if this is present on the Windows client or not, but the infrastructure seems to be incapable of dealing with 700-1000 users.

A final note, the character customisation is almost non existent if you don't want to pay between £1.50 and £5 for a single, gender specific, outfit.

Also, on a related note, Both Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third still don't work in Wine. Which was a bit of a waste of time.