Linux Gaming Videos Marathon


Okay, so you may be wondering why I haven't made a post, but I've added a crap tonne of linux gaming videos (you can see the latest three with my shiny new Youtube widget on the right).

Well, the short answer is I didn't have much to say about any of them -- I just wanted to play the games and post some videos! 

So here's a quick round up of the new videos out and, for easy watching, in chronological order:

Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45
This is still a fairly active game, although it's looking quite dated now -- still, the level of realism is higher than your typical Linux FPS (let's be honest), though I've not played it prior to this video.

Killing Floor
Another Tripwire Interactive game, this one I've played a lot of -- it's a good wave survival FPS with a small RPG element. Still has a few texture glitches (like the Stalkers being visible), but overall works well.

FTL: Faster than Light
A space based rouge like, not much more to add to this one -- I'm sure a lot of people have already seen plenty of videos on this one (as it's been around for a while now).

Champions of Regnum
A typical fantasy MMORPG, this is a rebranding of the old Regnum Online game -- has a strong focus on realm versus realm combat. THey updated the graphics a little while ago and it's looking pretty nice now.

A strange, yet relaxed, indie game that I can't really classify -- you have to grow your... orb? to become the biggest and fufil other challenges like absorbing other orbs that repel you like a magnet.

Another rouge like, this time from first person perspective. Really easy to play, very difficult to master.

A strange rhythm game that has you bouncing blocks back using a pong paddle. Has a great soundtrack and fantastic graphics, though people who suffer with epilepsy should probably avoid (this video as well).

A sequel to Beat, Runner changes the game from side scrolling shooter feel, to a platformer. Still has the fantastic retro graphics and outstanding soundtrack. Less flashing images in this, but they are still there.

A FOSS FPS based on the old Nexuiz engine and is shaping up to be a really nice game. In my opinion, the best arena style FPS about now.

Team Fortress 2
A game that I hadn't actually played much at all but I felt I had to do a video on it as it was one of the first games available on the Steam Linux BETA.

Counter-Strike: Source
What to say? I had to do another, more polished, video of this. Still one of my favourite games ever.

BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
The title is a mouthfall and this is the "direct" sequel to BIT.TRIP Runner. This has completely different visuals and is a more fleshed out game with a storyline and everything. Frustratingly hard, but an amazing game none the less.