Lets Play Half Life


So a few days ago Valve released Half-Life 1 (the original and best! Not the source ported version) on to the Steam Linux BETA. Being a *massive* fan of the series from the get go (I was gifted a boxed version of Half-Life in 1999) I just had to try it out.

As the game is in BETA in a BETA, there are a few extra quirks over the original, but nothing yet game breaking (minor texture glitches mostly). The main bug I've run into is that there is no sound when you boot up directly from Steam, however there is a really easy fix for this.

#!/bin/bash export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:." ./hl_linux -game valve
All you need to do is export the SDL audio driver variable and set it to alsa (Pulseaudio users wont have this issue and OSS users will need to recompile SDL with OSS support) -- you also need to set the library path to fix the error launching straight from terminal and the "-game valve" switch is because Half-Life doesn't pick any "mod" directories by default. Anyway, that works for me -- but if you still have problems you'd do best to check out their git hub issue tracking page here: Github.com I've been periodically playing it on and off since I first got my hands on it, but a native client meant that I just *had* to do a run through. I expect there wont be a lot of episodes for this series as I know pretty much what I'm doing -- I'll also continue to do the Grimrock play through (I've just got a bit sick of how many times I've tried to record the same damn level at the moment).