Legends Of Aethereus On Linux


I wanted to make this post earlier, but I never got round to it unfortunately.

Anyway, Legends of Aethereus was funded via kickstarter some time ago (back in July 2012) -- it was also the first project I backed. Due in no small part, to their Linux support straight off the bat.

Development has been going on for a while and they have a BETA build out at the moment (though no update to any of their clients since December 2012) which I've taken a few minutes to do a lengthy video on, which you can see below.

There are still some bugs and the build has a pretty small amount of content. I managed to complete all quests avaliable it in a couple of hours. However, Legends of Aethereus already has a pretty competent crafting system that, once fleshed out, will make for a very interesting game mechanic. It also appears 
to have a slight steam punk twist to it with using pistols and rifles instead of bows and crossbows.

Talking of bugs, the only one I encountered, that was more than just cosmetic, was the fact that once you had been knocked down, when you got back up you couldn't fight, evade or even put your weapon(s) away until you were knocked down again. The developers (Threegates) do appear to be aware of it, but as yet 
- no fix. The cosmetic bugs include, floating props, bad clipping on props and characters and other minor artefacts, that are hardly worth mentioning -- it is still in BETA after all.

I'm still not 100% sure what would make this stand out from other RPG's on Windows, but for Linux gamers there's less competition. In either case, I'm sure it will be good, I just hope they get a new build out pretty soon.

Also, yes the video was uploaded a few days ago.