Kerbal Space Program


Just tried out this newly ported Indie game still in development; it's a kind of space simulator that doesn't over emphasis the simulation though, but it doesn't feel arcadey (which is awesome!).

Having lots of fun building rockets and finding new ways to make them -- still struggling to get a powerful enough rocket to launch more than one cosmonaught in to space though.

I made a quick video demonstrating the building and launch gameplay -- I also tried to do as much in space as I could with the limited time (I couldn't quite get into orbit).

They've also been added to the brand new Steam Early Access feature.

A few notes about the video -- I totally forgot the fade out on the title screen, whoops! I also tried out a new font (that I've also used for my YouTube header) as the previous fonts I was using (Terminus and 04B03) were, honestly, a bit shit.

I've also tried to jazz it up a bit with an transition frame or two rather than 100% raw gameplay and I've recorded this directly in 1080p; though that was more annoying than I expected (as my monitor doesn't report that 1920x1080 is a supported resolution).