In Other News


Well I haven't posted anything in a little while; but it's mainly because I've been playing Borderlands 2.

So the news today is pretty small, but I am still slowly working on my OCD texture pack for Minecraft and I have been doing some more bash scripting (which at the moment is doing my head in).

The main thing people may have noticed, is the comments system is completely disabled on Wordpress now -- I am looking at a more automated way of just linking to the forum topic, but for now you'll have to use the widget on the right and / or the forum itself. The main reason for this is the level of spam that 
was going through without being checked as the integration plugin for MyBB and Wordpress bypasses all security on both applications.

As it was, there was at least 5, but usually 10 spam posts a day and I got fed up with them. If anybody has any recommendations of intergration between MyBB and Wordpress, let me know (while I could hack something together I really can't be bothered at the moment).

Also, I am on the final mission of Borderlands 2, so I may record the boss fight and post it.