IPv6 enabled


IPv6 has now been enabled on my VPS and I've set up the site to run off it.

I had to switch my nameservers away from my registrar because they do not have v6 addresses for their nameservers (so it could potentially cause issues on v6 only setups).

I'm currently using he.net who provide it all for free as well as providing an IPv tunneler for those of us who have ISP's that haven't switched yet.

In other news, the last couple of weeks I was trying to get the site running on a different server, with mixed results. I've gone back to my older server and just enabled IPv6 manually on it instead.

You can really easily enable IPv6 in nginx; all you need to do is tell it to listen on the servers IPv6 interface with this:

listen [::]:80;

This also works for SSL:

listen [::]:443;

The normal keywords also work (ssl, default etc). I have it set up like this:

listen 443 ssl default;
listen [::]:443 ssl;