So I was on a bit of a hiatus for the last few weeks; not had much energy to post. Anyway, the news this time:

XCOM - Enemy Unknown -- It works for about 5 minutes in Wine; I had to install PhysX to stop it from CTD'ing at the start of a mission, but once I'd done that it now randomly crashes during the mission. Hurrah, £29.99 for a broken game. It's a shame because it looks really good.

Website Update -- I've decided to strip down the site a bit more, and I have moved over to a VPS. This isn't because my previous hosting was bad (in fact it was amazingly good), but I really wanted to run from an Arch Box and configure everything exactly as I want it. We'll see how it goes, but so far I'm 
pretty happy with the speed of it -- I also got to give it an internal name that fits my current trend. I now have "longbow" which is my home desktop, "recurve" which is my work desktop, "compound" which is my laptop and now "crossbow" my VPS. I thought archery was a good enough naming convention as any, if a 
little tricky with the number of variants. Perhaps I'll eventually add in Wheel Lock and other forms of historical projectile weaponry.

Anyway, the SSL is not yet installed, so you'll get a cannot connect error if you try; I'll sort this out at some point.

I plan on doing some more Linux gaming videos when I can.

Update 26/10/12 -- SSL is now reinstalled, it's a self signed certificate but it works. Also SMTP TLS is working correctly now so gmail accounts should be able to send me messages again.