Hello New Server


Finally, the new server and site are live!
So, hopefully the transition from the old site should be fairly quick; most of the links will remain the same -- the main difference being that the old post naming scheme has been dropped somehwhat and all the old links will now direct you to an archived copy. I'm not 100% sure on this, but the previous scheme was rather restrictive. This way it will at least allow me to migrate away from it entirely. Though I may move to a date only system.
Any way, this stie is the product of really wanting to consolidate my projects into one place; I'll be trying to do more general blogging here, though I still want to do more technical posts, I will also include photography, level design and fiction as well as gaming posts (again).
use the links up above to check out more organised pages of all my "creative" stuff. You may want to read the FAQ if you have ten minutes as well.
Also, I'm ditching several social media networks -- namely, Google+, YouTube and Twitch. I don't have the time to upload lots of videos and do livestreams right now; so instead I'll be occasionally uploading videos to this site and using a fancy Javascript streaming tool ( http://www.videojs.com/ ) instead. This will take up a lot more room on my server, but means I only have to upload once, and I get to control everything about it. I should also be a bit more active on Twitter, just because I no longer maintain several social network profiles and may actually have some time to be sociable instead of just fighting the tide of crap.
Done a fair amount of random coding stuff as well; which is all avaliable from my github page: https://github.com/edgleyUK.
That's all for now; I'll hopefully get everything I possibly can up by the start of next week, so you have something to look at.