Half Life Series Finishes


I haven't posted an update for a little while now, but I have still been making videos!

Over the Easter weekend, Valve release Blue Shift and Opposing Force -- naturally I had to do a playthrough.

I wont include all 12 videos in this post, I'll just include the first one of each mini series, you can either use the included links (using annotations), or see the whole playlist here

Due to a known bug with Opposing Force (Github issue here) I played Blue Shift first (entry 13 in the playlist), here's the first episode:

Fortunately, the guys at Valve managed to fix the previously mention bug pretty quick and I got to play Opposing Force before to long! here's the first episode:

There is still an outstanding bug that I experienced (along with the Alien electic gun thing not having any idle animations) that prevented me from "really" completing the game, but all it is, is a mising transition between maps, so I just used the console to get around that and added a fade out in 
post-processing. This issue is still on going on Github but can be found here (SPOILER WARNING!).