Half Life On Linux Continues


My Half Life series is still going and I'm making good progress with it. Episode 6 is an extra long episode, mainly because I couldn't find a decent time to cut it down and the level "Power Up" is really short but then "On a Rail" is really long. I just decided to end it at the start of a quieter part of "On a 
Rail" and the rest will be included in episode 7 (which will be the end of "On a Rail" and I'll likely go back to one level per episode).

As I've previously mentioned before, once I've completed the Half Life Let's Play, I will be doing an Opposing Force and then Blue Shift play through -- both of these are shorter than Half Life, but should still add a few extra episodes.

Eventually, when Valve have ported Half-Life 2, I may very well do a Let's Play through them as well. As it stands at the moment though, only Counter Strike Source and Team Fortress 2 have been ported and there are more than enough videos around of both of them for me to not feel like I'm adding anything to 
either. I've shown that CSS runs really nicely a few weeks ago (you can find the video here: http://youtu.be/ztD5z1TFbNc), and I may do a quick video of me playing TF2 at some point, but it definitely isn't a priority.

I would also like to do a Portal and Portal 2 play through, because those are also considered canon to the Half Life universe.

A final note -- I do *really* want to continue my Grimrock play through, but I've had my hands full with Half Life and keeping up with the latest games trying to find stuff to make videos of (and more videos will come soon).