Github Changes


I've decided to discontinue audiabus for now -- I lost momentum with it and it's ended up getting stale.

I want to restart it at some point and I will do, but for now you'll have to live with my x1helper and impihelper tools (for interacting with a remote Xen host and remote IPMI).

I've also added a fair few extras to bashlib, such as __len__, __sort__ and __rand__ (hopefully you can figure out roughly what each one does).

Serenity progress is slow at the moment as well, mainly because it's in a position where it's totally usable (for me at least) and I need more feedback as to extras. I may end up looking at introducing comments, but that's a potential nightmare (we'll see).

On an unrelated note, I'm expecting to start doing some commentated videos in the near future, starting with Kerbal Space Program.