Dead Space Running On Linux


Dead Space is a game that I've pretty much ignored since it came out -- I played maybe 10 minutes of it before a few days ago. However, after trying to find some decent games that are pretty much guaranteed to work in Wine, I found Dead Space -- I decided that since I already had Wine set up to run Skyrim / 
Torchlight 2 via Steam that I would just go ahead and buy the Dead Space pack (which includes both the original and the second game).

Steam in Wine is, unfortunately, a bit crap -- it's sluggish and often doesn't respond quickly, but it gets the job done and means that I don't have to manage DVD images etc, so after downloading 11GB for the original, I took it for a spin.

It turns out, that at max settings and 1920x1200 resolution that the game runs really nicely. Much better than I remember trying on Windows back then at least.

I got a solid 30 FPS with fluctuations up to 40, which made it seem like a good candidate for recording. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case and the first few attempts caused sound to go out of sync (just like with Rochard, except I was on the ball this time). Also, I had some serious issues with keeping the 
recording alive when saving the game (hence why I don't do it in the video) and quitting the game -- both actions often caused ffmpeg to crash, which created a broken mkv file (that wasn't repairable with mkvextract and mkvmerge).

I ended up pausing and manually stopping recording, then starting again, finally merging the 4 separate video files into one. I spent a fair amount of time trying to remove any trace of the merges, but the sound is a bit of a give away; particularly on the first pause, where I didn't leave it long enough after 
exiting the pause menu before playing again. Anyway, you can see the gameplay in action below.

The Wine App DB entry for Dead Space is pretty old and most of the issues present when the most recent test was run are no longer a problem, however the mouse seems to have regressed as I found there was some weird 
acceleration issues through playing. It wasn't game breaking by any stretch, but I found that I would get surprised by a Necrommorph and then not be able to aim at them properly without going mad on the mouse.